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The Inch Coach Sports Club is a dynamic program for beginners to advanced young players looking to compete in high school and college team  programs.Clinics are open to motivated students seeking the conditioning and growth in sports skills that only rigorous drills and instruction can provide.
Mission Statement
The Inch Coach Sports Club is a unique opportunity for motivated players to participate in a rigorous program that builds sports skills. The program is simple: Learn how to make the shots and learn when to make them. As in all high level achievements, these skills are only learned by rigorous instruction and repetition which The Inch Coach Sports Club  provides. We are fortunate to have a pool of dedicated players who compete and challenge each other, resulting in higher achievement for all who are accepted into the program.
Terms of Membership
The Inch Coach Sports Club asks participants to make a commitment to the program. This assures that The Inch Coach Sports Club will provide consistent and enthusiastic instructional training for all members.Annual membership renewal is required, and dues are billed monthly. Member status applies to participants whose monthly dues are kept current. All others will be billed at visitor rates.
Visitor's Policy & Rate 
The Inch Coach Sports Club welcomes intermediate to advanced players to come try the program or occasionally participate, even if they can not commit to an annual membership program. Fee per single clinic visit is $25.00